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Anonymous A asked on Sep 09, 2021

I have been recently offered a place to work at Kearney Dubai starting mid-2022 as an entry level business analyst, and I was wondering if this opportunity is well suited to what I want to do in the long term. 

1. I am not sure if consultancies segment their focus on specific industries in specific countries, but I am really keen to work on projects that focus on financial services, specifically M&A projects. Should my industry interest be a deciding factor in whether I should take this offer or not? In the future, I would like to have exit opportunities in PE sector/ investment banking, and it'd be helpful to know whether I can pursue projects in financial services in that office or not. 

(I understand that I've just graduated and it's my first work experience in consulting so initially, I may have to work on projects that are not based in my primary field of interest, but it would be great to gain an insight on the availability of such projects in Kearney Dubai.)

2. Should I take this opportunity, how difficult could the process be in case I want to switch to one of the MBB firms?

3. Kearney London only sponsors visas for associate level positions and above, otherwise I would’ve tried to ask them about a position in the London office. I am currently based in the UK and I am eligible to stay in the UK for 2 more years without needing a sponsorship. So the final question I’m concerned about is whether I should pass on this offer, and try to find an opportunity with a firm that would be able to sponsor me at an analyst level in the UK, while I have the time to stay in this country. Even if at the start I may not get to work in the field of my interest, I understand that London is a good place to network extensively to be able to make those career changes, but is the scenario the same in the UAE?

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replied on Sep 09, 2021
BCG Dubai Project Leader | I will transform your thinking about Consulting Interviews

Your question and situation is complex to answer over this forum. Please write to me - I have recently had 2 coachees for Kearney Dubai and several more for Dubai in-general. Having worked in Dubai, I can also answer your other questions.

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Anonymous A on Sep 12, 2021

Hi Agrim, thank you for your response. I have sent you a message!

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CoachingPlus Expert
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BCG Dubai Project Leader | I will transform your thinking about Consulting Interviews
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