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Anonymous A asked on Oct 14, 2021

Hey everyone

I'm starting my interview process with Monitor Deloitte in the Middle East. I have a few questions please:

- Case studies: I've tried scouring the internet for Monitor case-studies, to no avail. There is one that I found called Foot-loose. Does anyone know which casebook has Monitor Deloitte cases? They tend to be longer than your typical MBB cases (you are given a document and 30 minutes to read it and answer the questions they have listed)

- Salary expectations: Does anyone have data on salary expectations (base and allowances) for the Manager and Senior Manager positions?

- Culture: I heard the merger between Monitor and Deloitte a few years go did not go well in the Middle East. Now that the dust has settled, how is the culture like at Monitor Deloitte in the Middle East?

Thank you!

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replied on Oct 14, 2021
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Hi there,

In regards to finding cases/material, do also broaden your search to other Tech/IT consulting (e.g. McKinsey Digital, BCG Platinion, PwC Tech, etc.)

Both of these are based on real-life cases and have a tech-focus.

Please feel free to reach out if you would:

a) Like more technology-based cases

b) Like to be cased in the two above (hint: They don't cover all aspects of those projects...i.e. the cases could take multiple twists and turns and test additional themes when I conduct them)

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replied on Oct 14, 2021
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Monitor is now integrated within the Strategy & Operations team at Deloitte. There is some relevant level of resources sharing at the staffing level. Processes are similar. 

So overall, regarding culture, what you need to know is what is the Deloitte culture at that particular office for the Consulting Service Line, particularly for Strategy & Operations.

Big4 culture is less homogeneous than MBB, particularly because there is limited international integration (only EY has a global partnership, and Accenture as well, although it is not a partnership), so you really need to know about the specific office culture.

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replied on Oct 15, 2021
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  1. Other coaches have suggested help
  2. Salaries are best found on Glassdoor etc. However you are looking at upwards of AED 250k per year. Zero tax as always. There will be a band/range of salaries at every level - unlike MBB in Middle-East.
  3. Culture: Best to speak to existing people. However, you must first ask yourself “what is it about the culture that will be a dealbreaker for you”. Unless you have clarity on that - you will always get very vague answers on that question.
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replied on Oct 15, 2021
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1) You can practice with McKinsey PST and BCG Potential Test for that test typology. Otherwise have a look at some documents shared by the firm and think about relevant questions you might receive.

2) I recommend checking Glassdoor/LinkedIn or directly talk to consultants there.

3) Also here networking would be the best path to follow.

Hope this helps.



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replied on Oct 15, 2021
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Monitor Deloitte cases are NOT like MBB . You will be given a case study pack to read, analyse and either present back (no need to prepare slides) your solution or answer specific questions. Make sure you check the specifics with local HR as the style may vary a little by office.

Everything you learn for case practice applies, so dont need to do any separate preparation i.e be structured, create good frameworks, communicate well & provide innovative ideas.

If you need any help prepare feel free to send me a message. I have a collection of Deloitte style cases.

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