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Anonymous A asked on May 10, 2018 - 1 answer

Does anyone have experience in interviewing with Monitor Deloitte in Madrid?

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Anonymous B replied on May 10, 2018

I recently interviewed with them in Paris and the process was as follows

  1. Written case: Example, Footloose
    • 30 mins to read the case and answer the questions
    • 30 mins to present
    • 30 mins Fit
  2. Group case (Round 2)
    • 15 mins for everyone to read the case
    • 30 mins to answer the questions
    • each member then has 15 mins to present with Q&A
  3. Roleplay (Round 2)
    • 15/30 mins to discuss a pre-written script, questions focusing on "how would you react"
  4. Partner Discussion (Final Round)
    • my final round was luckily very relaxed, informal discussion with a very cool partners

Hope it helps!

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