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Anonymous A asked on Mar 07, 2020


As a first step in the application process for McKinsey Data Scientist full-time position, I received an inivitation to complete an online QuantHub assessment. If anyone has taken the test, can you please share with me details about its format and any tips on how to prepare for it.


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replied on Mar 21, 2020
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Here is what I know about the test.

It’s a multiple choice: 3 sections (stats, R, Python) with 12 questions each.

  • Stats: mostly consist of chi-square, t-tests, ANOVA etc along with some basic calculations;
  • R: you need to be proficient in R to perform well. Example of a question: you get a dataset in R, do some manipulations and choose the correct output in the Mcq – keep RStudio open and maybe also a Jupyter notebook or any of your preferred python ide;
  • Python: You need to be proficient in Python to perform well.

Hope this helps!


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qwe on Jun 16, 2020

After the test they ask to schedule a phone call to continue with the pre-assessment. What theme of questions can be expected during this call?

eman replied on Jan 27, 2022

Hi I received invitation for Quanthub assginment ? How I can pass the exam please which website can use for parctise ? I am just new to Data Science ? 

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McKinsey / ex-Interviewer at McKinsey / I will coach you to rock those interviews
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