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Anonymous A asked on Feb 26, 2016 - 3 answers

Hi - Does anyone know how the interview process differs for McKinsey's Public & Social Sector divisions (vs. their regular process)? Are the cases and fit interviews very tailored towards these industries? If so, how would you recommend preparing for them? Thank you

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Anonymous B replied on Feb 29, 2016

In my opinion., No. The process remains same. they only try to match interviewer profile with yours.

Preparation should be the same.

Anonymous replied on Mar 10, 2016


Based on my experience, it's mostly the same. They will use a standard case, as they would like to test your analytical thinking capabilities, indpependent of your knowledge of the industry you're applying to. So you can prepare for your interview in the same way as other candidates



Source: I coached multiple candidates who had applied as Experienced Hires for Marketing & Sales roles at McK US, and got feedback from them about the process after their interviews.

Ana replied on Mar 02, 2016

I interviewed for the PSS Hub in LAtin America in January. The process seemed to be just like the one for generalists. The cases were not focused on Social of Public sector.

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