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McKinsey PST PST
New answer on Jul 03, 2019
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asked on May 05, 2019
Actively preparing for final round case-study interview at BCG (candidate-led & non-preplounge cases preferred)

Hello guys,

I'm preparing for McKinsey PST and I bought practice test materials from 3 major prep site. I've done all of the tests which means I'm more than ready to swap these with different paid materials.

Anyone interested?


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Rafael replied on May 05, 2019

You're more than ready to do the actual test

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Anonymous A replied on Jul 03, 2019

Hi David,

I hope you passed your PST. I am preparing for it as well. Could you please share the pactice test materials? Let me know the price. You may also reach me by email o**************@g****.com

Thank you in advance


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Nicolas replied on May 05, 2019

PM :)

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