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McKinsey PST


Hello People!

I have my McKinsey problem solving test later this week. Can someone recommend resources outside of the three practice tests that Mckinsey shares. Would love to know how are other people preparing. If someone can share a paper they received in their PST in the past, that would be helpful too.

Does anyone have any idea on what should be a good accuracy level to qualify this test?

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Regina Ip replied on 01/26/2016


I am preparing for the PST as well and I have reserached extensively all available resources. The three official tests are obviously the best practice, but they are just 3, and I really wanted to give the best on that day. Among all the sources, I found that the best ones are on myconsultingcoach.com , mainly for three reasons:

  1. They have a guide that teaches you tips and tricks and will probably make you save a bit of time in the exam (that you can use for other questions, since there's not much of it ;)
  2. They break down all the questions in 5 types and provide you with a tracking of your performance by area, so that you are able to focus your preparation on the areas where you are weaker.
  3. Their tests are VERY CHALLENGING, probably even more than the real one, but they definitely train you to think in the right way, and at the end of the day setting the bar high is not a bad idea, especially given the amount of people who recently took the test and claimed it was harder than expected.

Hope it helps!

Natalia replied on 06/04/2017

Hello There!

Did you take the PST yet? how did it go and where did you find other resources to prepare for it?

Mehak replied on 01/26/2016

Thanks a lot Regina! :) Very helpful to know what has worked for you! Good luck with your PST!

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