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McKinsey offer
New answer on Sep 10, 2020
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Anonymous A asked on Sep 01, 2020


I was just wondering; after signing the offer letter and passing the background check, is there anything else to do before joining McKinsey?

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Anonymous replied on Sep 01, 2020

Dear A,

My congratulations to your offer!

I would porpose you just to take your time for holidays, time with friends and family. Consulting it's not an easy race.


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replied on Sep 01, 2020
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replied on Sep 01, 2020
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Hi there,

First, congratulations! Well done :)

Second, you have two choices:

1) Relax, recharge, and get yourself mentally, physically, and emotionally prepared for what's to come (this was the route I took).

2) Prepare yourself technically / skills-wise for what's to come

First: Read the 25 tips in my consulting handbook here:


Second: In terms of things you can learn/do to prepare beforehand:

1) Daily Reading

  • The Economist, The Financial Times, BCG/Mskinsey Insights

2) Industry deep-dives

  • Learn, in-depth, how the industries/companies your office advises, work. (PM me for an industry overview template)

3) Analytics tools

  • Alteryx, Tableau, etc.

4) Excel

5) Powerpoint

  • Best practices/standards
  • Different layouts
  • Quickly editing/updating slides
  • Thinking in PowerPoint

6) Presentation skills / sharp communication

  • There are some online/virtual classes for this

7) Attend a training academy to prepare you for consulting

  • There are some really fantastic ones...feel free to message and I can send you the best


Third: In terms of doing well in your role when you're there:

1) Understand the context/prompt (what role are you in, what company, who's watching, etc.)

2) Understand the objective (what, specifically, is expected from you...both day to day, and in your overall career progression)

3) Quickly process information, and focus on what's important - Take a lot of information and the unknown, find the most logical path, and focus on that.

4) Be comfortable with the unknown, and learn to brainstorm - think/speak like an expert without being one

In summary, there will always be a flood of information, expectations, competition etc. and not enough time. Find out which ones matter when. (i.e. be visibile and focus efforts on the things that people care about)


Fourth: Here are some great prior Q&As for you!

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replied on Sep 10, 2020
McKinsey | NASA | top 10 FT MBA professor for consulting interviews | 6+ years of coaching

Hi, congratulations! I recommend relaxing and arriving full of energy at your Embark :)


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replied on Sep 02, 2020
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First of all, congratulations!!
There is anything else that you have to do, they will explain you everything and you will have a welcome program during the first week. I would suggest to relax and enjoy your free time, since consulting will be a though experience.
If you can not take a break, the only thing that could be useful is to read and study something on excel and powerpoint, that would help you a lot in the first months.


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