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Anonymous A asked on Nov 15, 2018

Hi everyone! I have my Mckinsey in-person case coaching session coming up and would like to get your insights on what to expect, the dos and dont's etc. Thank you!

on Nov 15, 2018
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on Nov 15, 2018
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If you mean the help provided prior to your interview then don't stress about it too much. The purpose of the buddy system is to help you prepare and give you honest feedback. Your performance in this session in no way impacts your interview decision

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The session is non-evaluative. Come with an open mind and ready to take notes, the purpose is genuinely to try help you do your best in the interviews. McKinsey (like other firms) doesn't necessarily want to miss out on potential superstar candidates just because they had not heard of consulting/case interviews before, so this is them trying to "level the playing field" with those that will perform strongly just as a result of doing countless hours of prep.

Of course, If you have any burning questions about the interview specifically, it would also be the perfect opportunity to ask.

Enjoy the session and good luck with your interview!

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It will be just an interview simulation but they will not assess you. So basically it's the session for you to get the honest feedback and help.


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Anonymous A replied on Nov 15, 2018

Thank you all very much for the quick replies and help!

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