McKinsey London Business Analyst Applications - Status on Online Test/Interview Invites?

Anonymous A asked on Nov 03, 2019 - 1 answer

Hi All,

I wanted to find out from anyone who has recently applied to McKinesy London Business Analyst programme (deadline a coupe of weeks ago) - has anyone heard back with feedback or been sent the online test to complete yet (as I haven't heard anything)?

I was told interviews start mid November so I'd thought I'd have at least heard a yes/no asnwer by now.


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Ethan replied on Nov 03, 2019

I recieved an online digital assessment invite on 31 October to be completed by this coming Monday. The email said we should all hear back by 1 November concerning the next stage of our applications.

Did you apply to other offices? This may affect what the next stage of the process is for you, hence differences in timings. Otherwise, send them an email and I'm sure they'll clarify things.

Thanks for the feedback - I only applied to London, so assumed I'd have heard by now. — Anonymous A on Nov 03, 2019