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McKinsey Interview Process


Mckinsey Interview Process:

An interview is an opportunity to find out whether McKinsey is the right choice for you. You will get an understanding of what consultants do and the kinds of problems we solve.

In the first round of interviews, you will have two 1-hour interviews with McKinsey consultants, who will answer your questions, share their perspectives, and test your team skills and ability to solve problems, based on case studies. These case studies are likely to be wide-ranging discussions that assess your approach to situations you may not be prepared for, your problem-solving skills, your intellectual curiosity, and your insight.

During interviews you will have ample opportunity to ask questions about consulting and working at McKinsey. After the first round of interviews, you may be invited to another round where you can speak with McKinsey partners. At the end of each round of interviews, you will receive feedback from the interviewers and information on next steps.

I don't understand what is means from only Second Paragraph... Can anyone help?

But I think:

Me: Ask questions to interviewer from McKinsey Insights.

Interviewer: Answers..

is this right?

I will be very thankful if you kindly provide me with your information.


Sudipto Mitra.

Francesco replied on 05/30/2017
#1 Expert for coaching sessions (1800+) | Ex BCG | 900+ reviews with 100% recommendation rate

Hi Sudipto,

I think they simply described the usual structure of a McKinsey interview: you will go through two one-hour interviews, starting with fit questions and followed by a case. After the case you will have some time to ask your own questions to the interviewer. As for the type of questions to ask, I would recommend you the following post I wrote for some insights:


Hope this helps; if you have additional questions feel free to let me know.



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