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Mckinsey Interview feedback not specific

Anonymous A asked on Jul 20, 2017 - 2 answers


I just completed my 3 rounds of Mckinsey Interview for the position of Solution Analyst. The interviews included personal experience and case interview.

I got rejected and the feedback I received is something which I am unable to utilize to prepare myself better.

The feedback was that my PEI was good but I need more conviction when I share my experiences. And for case they said I was weak. I could solve the case on two ocassions but was stuck for few seconds in last calculation. Can someon assist me so that I can prepare well for the next time.

2 answers

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replied on Jul 21, 2017
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Hi Anonymous,

it is pretty common to receive general feedback after a consulting interview. The feedback is normally correct, but so far that there are no clear examples of what you should have done it is difficult to make it actionable.

In your case in particular it is not clear what the interviewer did not find convincing in your experiences. Also, it is unlikely that you did not pass the interview only because you got stuck in a calculation, with everything else ok, thus there are probably additional factors to improve.

I would say there are three options for you to understand what you can improve, not necessarily mutually exclusive:

  1. Post on the PrepLounge forum the specific questions that you think you could have answered differently and your answers – does not allow for live feedback, but it is free and with potential multiple sources
  2. Replicate the questions with experienced friends/Preploungers and ask them for detailed feedback – it is dependent on your contact knowledge, but it is free and with live feedback
  3. Replicate the questions with an expert and ask him/her for detailed feedback – not free, but allows to receive live feedback, a complete professional response and information on your additional improvements

Hope this helps,


Anonymous B replied on Jul 20, 2017

This sounds like pretty actionable feedback. Some friends of mine received way more vague feedback.

I think on the PEI you can practice more with friends, whereby you focus on the interrogation technique (follow up questions)

On the case itself I think you struggled with math, so practice that.

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