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Anonymous A asked on Sep 21, 2019

Yesterday I got my final round at McKinsey, during 1st round I got pretty good feedback, they told me I nailed the cases and I was really strong at maths, during final round I also nailed the 1st interview but struggled during the 2nd one.

I did one math mistake that made me lose around 40 secs until I realized I was going the wrong way do to not taking 1 assumption but was able to remade it myself.

Is it normal to get an offer with 1 mistake like those? When it came to structuring it was pretty MECE and the rest of the case was pretty good with solid insights, is that enough to make it happen?


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updated an answer on Sep 24, 2019
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There are so many variables that go into this, that it is hard to predict.

However, I firmly believe that if you cracked the rest of the case and you nailed it at the personal part, meaning the partner loved you and feels totally comfortable in putting you infront of a client tomorrow, she/he might have even forgot about your mistake after the interview.

We are humans, we all make mistakes, partners make mistakes too, all the time. What really matters is acknowleding that mistake, and taking the necessary actions to limit its negative effects on you, your firm and clients. If you were able to portray that you can do some of those after your interview, which if I understand correctly you did by acknowledging your mistake and taking the necessary steps, it might have even looked more positive on you.

Good luck with the wait, it is usually the most painful part.



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replied on Sep 22, 2019
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In general, there is almost no margin for error during the interviews. However, it is very hard to tell in your case as there are other factors involved with the decision, such as:

  • Your competition, and their relative performance
  • How much they liked you (overall, fit and case performance in specific)
  • How much they need someone with your profile



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replied on Jan 30, 2021
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Hi there!

People make mistakes and that's pretty normal.
It's more important to learn on them and try to avoid them next time. What you did is good, you said you "remade" the assumption, so as an ex-McKinsey and part of a recruiting team I would appreciate that you managed the situation and weren't lost.

But without seeing the whole performance judging on the results is still difficult.

Hope you got the offer already and my answer would help other candidates as well.


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replied on Oct 31, 2020
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If the rest of the cases was on point, one little math mistake won't make a dent in an overall great rating. Cases get evaluated holistically so you should be good. Having said that, it's very difficult to judge your own performance during a case, so I suggest to just wait and see.

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replied on Oct 31, 2020
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It reminds me of a similar issue that I had myself, and I made it!

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