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Anonymous A asked on Apr 05, 2019

I applied for one of McKinsey’s event - a webinar and did not get an invitation. Should I take this as an indication/ eye opener and re-consider my aspirations. I have been doing my search and trying to build my profile. But is it even worth the attempt if I cannot even get an invitation to a webinar ? Please share your thoughts.

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replied on Apr 21, 2019
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I would recommend you to reach the company and learn the main reason to have the best insight from this situation. Many times those kind of situations are occurring due to operational reasons.

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replied on Apr 05, 2019
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Not necessarily. It may be the case that:

  1. The e-mail got lost
  2. The webinar was fully subscribed
  3. Your resume requires some reshuffling

I recommend asking any MBB consultant for feedback on your resume


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Anonymous replied on Sep 10, 2020

Hi A,

This could happen to some other reasons, not necessarily because of your resume.

Nevertheless, I would recommend getting feedback on it from someone experienced and to contact the company to find out the main reason you were not invited.

Best, Andre

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