Mckinsey Case Interview for an Associate role

Javier asked on Jun 19, 2017 - 1 answer
Ex PE guy having its first Consultancy Interview at Mckinsey

Dear all,

My name is Javier, I'm a former PE manager a bit lost in the consultancy industry:

Last week the headhunter that I'm working with, sent my CV to McKinsey and they got in touch with me to invite me to the first (of two round) interview process. I was a bit shocked as I have never worked in this industry and I need to prepare myself for the interview.

1. How can I train for the personal fit interview at McKinsey?

2. I have never done a case, any advice on McKinsey ones?

I will ill appreciate any comment / guidance or tips.

Many thanks,

is the first time that I am having an interview at a consultancy key question would be how can I study for an associate position and which would be

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Anonymous A replied on Jun 19, 2017

Hi Javier,

I believe you are able to move your interview date to a different day and time wihtout penalty, which I recommend you do. It goes without saying that you should confirm that with your recruiter.

For preparation, I recommend 3 three things:

1) Read Case Interview Secrets from Victor Cheng. I would almost go as far as to say: you have almost chance in getting through the day without it.

2) Leverage the boot camp from PrepLouge to get up to speed on the basics

3) Do as many meetings with fellow interviewees as possible (thrugh the PrepLounge meeting board) and possible think about investing in a coaching session (Francesco is amazing, e.g.).

Finally, to help you put my recommendation into perspective, I am currently preparing for an number of final round interviews. I have done a tone of reading and talked to people and coaches and arrived at the conclusion that without preparation it's exceptionally difficult to pass. It's very transparent on what the consultancies expect from you so everybody has a fair chance to convince the interviewers. While that is genereally good, it means that most interviewees have practiced a lot and perform well.

Good luck

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