McKinsey BA in London - what is it really like?

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Anonymous A asked on Dec 21, 2018

Hello everyone,

I received an offer to join McKinsey as a BA in London next autumn and of course, I am very excited. However, I am hoping for someone to share some honest, raw experiences from their first months/year - everything I am told and can read online is generic (long hours, great projects etc.)

If someone could tell me details on the actual nature of the work, what they struggled with, nature of projects, are there a lot of office politics, were the hours bearable, do you really have weekends off etc - I would be immensely grateful!

Wishing everyone warm and Happy Holidays!

Many thanks!

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replied on Dec 21, 2018
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To be honest you will hardly find any general information since everyone has his own McKinsey. It is really a matter of luck in your case. Politics, nature of work, hours - it all depends on the people you work with. And the best way to select the right people is asking the feedbacks on them from the other consultants.


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replied on Dec 21, 2018
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I second Vlad. Much depends on luck at first: Are the guys who recruited you still around? Do you have a good (mentoring, caring) first AP? Is the case conducive to learning?

Make sure to get to know people and start building your network. You are safe on the very first project so mostly just focus on building the consulting toolkit. Oh, and enjoy the experience of course, it is like no other.


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