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Can someone please explain how applications to multiple McKinsey are coordinated? I'm currently in Singapore and my friend who works at McKinsey in my home country called me up and told me about openings in his office. I have the following questions:

If I don't get through CV screening or get rejected in the process in his office, will it make me ineligible for Singapore office as well?

If I get selected in his office, will my strong preference to join Singapore office will be considered?

Thanks in advance for answering my question.

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It works a bit differently. When you apply you can select multiple offices and then set the preferences (% of 100%). Thus if you get rejected - you get rejected from all of them at once.

Answering your second question - you should have a work permit and valid reasons to work there. From what I've heard - Singapore McK office is very hard to get into from abroad.


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