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Anonymous A asked on Jul 16, 2021

Any good sources/casebooks for practicing non-financial McK cases like how to roll out a vaccine program or increase the number of girls in school etc.


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replied on Jul 16, 2021
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Hey there,

Unfortunately, there is no single McK-specific resource out there. However, there are several ways on how you tackle this

  • Work through case books and focus specifically on the more creative cases (reach out if you need some materials here)
  • Create your own creative cases by coming up with your case prompts by yourself / use newspaper articles as case prompts. The main difference of the case context will only be relevant for the structuring / framework / brainstorming part of the case. Charts and math will be similar to business cases. If you want to know how to create McKinsey frameworks, see here:
  • Work with a McKinsey case coach. I have designed my McKinsey Rocket Program to provide a mix of business cases and creative McKinsey-like cases



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replied on Jul 17, 2021
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There isn't a single source/casebook for this. Most casebooks have a bunch of "conventional" cases and most have a bunch of unconventional cases. That said, I've aggregated a large set of unconventional cases which I provide my candidates for practicing - shoot me a message if you'd like to have a look!

Some other tips:

  1. Ask your case partners to give you unconventional cases
  2. Read BCG Insights and Mck Insights to see unconventional topics (their articles are literally cases and frameworks)
  3. Most of the cases I have written are unconventional (even my "Profitability" one is unconventional). Check them out here:

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replied on Jul 16, 2021
Ex-McKinsey London final round interviewer

Completely agree with Florian and would particularly echo his second point on "making your own cases". I did it myself when I was a candidate a long time ago based on the advice I received from a McKinsey partner then: "a great way to test whether you have really mastered what McKinsey is testing in the case interivew, open up the FT and just pick a topic". More tangibly, can you structure the "problem" that the article is addressing, how would you conceputalise the different ways to address the problem and what are your takeaway's from the chart/sizing of the opportunity, etc. 

Good luck!

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