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McK PST - Middle East

Interview McKinsey McKinsey PST
Edited on May 26, 2020
6 Answers
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Anonymous A asked on Apr 11, 2020

Does anyone have visibility on how PST's will be carried out, particularly for the Dubai office? I got invited to take the PST but haven't heard anything since.

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Anonymous replied on May 07, 2020

Hello there,

Indeed the Dubai office didn't yet switch to Imbellus (online) yet - I passed my PST and interviews earlier this year.

The McK Dubai office is still closed - they are being very cautious with reoppening the office. As per my understanding so far, they don't seem that they will open the office before the end of Eid break.

I would recommend to get in touch with HR, they should give you a clearer answer - however, my bet is that the ealiest PST won't happen before end of June.

Best of luck on the process, and feel free to reach out for any tips regarding the McK Dubai application process.



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Content Creator
replied on Apr 14, 2020
McKinsey | Awarded professor at Master in Management @ IE | MBA at MIT |+180 students coached | Integrated FIT Guide aut


Worth re-cheching with HR since maybe they have stopped for the moment -some offices have-.

Here ( you can have detailed information provided by PrepL.



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Anonymous replied on May 06, 2020

Dear A,

I would strongly recommend to contact with HR

Good luck.


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Content Creator
replied on Apr 11, 2020
BCG |NASA | SDA Bocconi & Cattolica partner | GMAT expert 780/800 score | 200+ students coached


I would suggest to reach out to the HR that wrote you. It's likely that it will be postponed after the covid crisis because they want first to assess the effects and recalibrate the hiring targets.
Anyway don't be afraid and write/call the HR, they are there to help.


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Content Creator
updated an answer on May 26, 2020
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replied on Apr 30, 2020
McKinsey | NASA | top 10 FT MBA professor for consulting interviews | 6+ years of coaching


I recommend to call / email HR without worrying about bothering them. They are there to help


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