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MCK online test

McKinsey Online Tests PST shl
Recent activity on Jan 25, 2019
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Anonymous A asked on Jan 11, 2019

I recently heard that McK got rid of PST in Italy and UK and now its new standard is closer to IB SHL. Do you know where to practice (free/not free resources) and how long it takes to be quite sure to pass?
Are GraduateMonkey/JobTestPrep valuable resources?
Many thanks!

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replied on Jan 25, 2019
Bain and BCG experience - Industry hire experience - 150+ cases


if you look online there are a lot of free test that you can start practicing. Usually the "training" website makes also some free test available, that can be used also to understand your level before really go into a real training course.

I would suggest, anycase, to consider a trainig course... usually they rpovide a full list of test that you can take in order ot difficultness...

SHL is not difficult, it is really a matter of consistency and a lot of practice. I would start with some free ones, but considering the importance of the challange I would consider also some "on-payment" subscriptions for a month... in order to have the right time to properly prepare... if you do one/ 2 test per day per a month, you can surely train your brain at the right level...

Then it is a matter of properly manage the sress during the official "Test" day

Hope this can help!

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