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McK Final Round feedback

Anonymous A asked on Oct 25, 2018 - 3 answers

I had my final round interview at McK recently in a smaller US office and same day I got a feedback where the interviewer started with that they do not have space for me this year. He used exact wording and did not proceed with feedback directly. This surprised me but then I requested for feedback.

The feedback was mostly positive than negative. They loved my fit, quant, structure. One improvement area was creativity. The interviewer mentioned that they would love me there and not to the competition and encouraged to apply again next year.

The feedback surprised me overall. Is it typical or am I reading too much? I guess nothing can change now but just wanted to understand what may be the case.

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Guennael replied on Oct 25, 2018
Ex-MBB, Experienced Hire; I will teach you not only the how, but also the why of case interviews

Sorry about the rejection. You should always ask for feedback, with the understanding that it often will not be very useful. Sometimes, like in my case the first time I applied, the feedback even seemed geared towards another applicant (I was told I needed to do more extra-curricular / non-profit work, when this was exactly what set me apart from most of my classmates). Only sometimes will the feedback be useful, actionable and relevant.

Why is that? Well, ask yourself: the interviewer already took a pass on you, and has many other things to work on. What is his incentive to really spend time to help you? That's right, slim to nil.

Beyond this, also remember there are very few openings each year, and many more qualified candidates. This means MBB (and most consultancies really) will often have to reject outstanding people, some who may even have done everything right in the interviews. We all know that Harvard and Stanford reject outstanding candidates (acceptance becomes nearly random at some point), yet selectivity at MBB is much higher still.

Keep your chin up, McK rejecting your application doesn't say anything about you. Even better, he suggested you reapply next year - not everyone gets this feedback. Keep practicing (remain sharp), hopefully next year you'll have a better outcome.

Anonymous A replied on Oct 28, 2018

Makes sense now. Thanks for the responses.

Anonymous B replied on Oct 26, 2018

It's less common to get a feedback in the final round. I had final round interviews twice and didn't get feedback at any of them (didn't pass first time, passed 2nd time, still no feedback).

Finally, it sounds like you didn't pass their expectations on brainstroming. Just because 80% of the feedback was positive, doesn't mean the remaining 20% are a minor thing. That's how they communiate the feedback. You had quite a typical feedback, not sure why it surprised you, let me translate it for you: we liked your fit and math but your brainstroming, which is 1/3 of the case wasn't strong enough. It would help to work on business judgement if you plan to re-apply. Good luck!