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McK Decision after Final Round

Final Round McKinsey
New answer on Oct 31, 2020
5 Answers
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Anonymous A asked on Aug 04, 2020

Hi all,

Just a quick question regarding the results call. Who communicates the outcome after the final interview? HR or the partner?

Many thanks in advance


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Content Creator
replied on Aug 05, 2020
McKinsey offers w/o final round interviews - 100% risk-free - 10+ years MBB coaching experience - Multiple book author

HI Anonymous,

Usually McKinsey aims for the 'real' people involved in the interviews, but sometimes due to admin reasons it's also HR calling. So no 100% certainty here.

If it's not HR, at least you can try to push for some more insights and feedback (irrelevant from the outcome) - McKinsey is usually rather scarce in that, but at least it's worth trying to squeeze out at least a bit of feedback!

Hope that helps - if so, please be so kind to give it a thumbs-up with the green upvote button below!


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Content Creator
replied on Aug 04, 2020
#1 BCG coach | MBB | Tier 2 | Digital, Tech, Platinion | 100% personal success rate (8/8) | 95% candidate success rate

Hi there,

The Partners always called or emailed me after the interview. However it is also not uncommon for HR to contact you.

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Anonymous on Aug 04, 2020

Thanks for your answer, Ian. So a Feedback session with a partner does not indicate a positive or negative outcome in your opinion? How long does these calls last for? Thanks for you insights!


Ian on Aug 06, 2020

Correct, it does not indicate a positive or negative outcome. With this, and moving forward in life, try not to read too much into anything you can't change before it happens...not worth the stress/worrying :). Calls are normally quick. 5 minutes

Anonymous B replied on Aug 04, 2020

Mostly Partners although once it was HR for me. Always good news

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Anonymous replied on Aug 06, 2020

Dear A,

Ideally it's a partner who communicate you the outcomes, but it might me also an HR. So be ok with that.

Wish you best of luck,

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Content Creator
replied on Oct 31, 2020
Ex-Mckinsey|Certified Career Coach |Placed 500+ candidates at MBB & other consultancies

Hi there,

Basically partners communicate with candidates after the interview, but it could also be HR.

Do you need any further help?

All the best,


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