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What does MBB consulting do for the public sector?

consulting MBB Public Sector
Recent activity on Sep 21, 2017
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asked on Sep 20, 2017

MBB and other major consulting firms all feature dedicated categories about their public sector pracitce on their websites. I am wondering how this area of work looks like. So far in my research I have found astonishingly little information on this topic. In different blogs, fora/forums or online articles I have read it actually never came up. It seems to be a rather neglected topic for whatever reasons. Hence, my questions:

What type of work do MBB conduct for the governments and int. organizations? How does it look like to work in the public sector practice of a major consulting company?

Are there differences between MBB in terms of work they do for governments and int. organizations? How different is this in different parts of the world?

Is it true that this is a small and maybe uninteresting area for consulting firms? Why?

I am happy to read your thoughts and comments on this.


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Ivan updated an answer on Sep 21, 2017

Hi Stefan,

I'll take a stab at answering the second part of your first question. Of the three, McKinsey is more well known for its public-sector work. If you want to do U.S.-based public-sector work through McKinsey, then you'll likely want work at McKinsey's Washington D.C. office, since that's where the firm conducts a lot of its government-related work. Examples of its government-related work include improving public school systems, health care systems, and the IT infrastructure systems of various government agencies.




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