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MBB Personal fit interview - differences

Anonymous asked on Jul 29, 2017 - 2 answers

Hi all,

I am currently preparing for MBB interviews. And although case part is covered quite well, I am still trying to improve my personal fit part. There are lots of lists of possible fit questions, but I am wondering whether there is a difference in personal fit part depending on a firm.

What should be my focus for McKinsey? BCG? Bain? Are they the same?

Could someone who interviewed for multiple companies share his or her experience?

Thank you in advance!

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replied on Jul 30, 2017
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Hi Tadeus,

First of all, fit interview has 2 parts: a set of questions to you in the beginning of an interview and then your questions to the interviewer after you solve a case

Interviewer usually asks 3 sets of questions:

  1. “Tell me about yourself” or “walk me through your resume”- this is how Consultants usually begin the interview. It's an opportunity for them to learn about you and to pick some interesting facts.
  2. “Why consulting?”, “Why McKinsey” or “Why BCG” questions are used to assess your motivation to be a consultant in general and to work in that particular firm.
  3. Next the interviewer will also ask you to provide examples from your background to assess how good you are as a leader or a team player; how you can create impact and persuade people; or how you can achieve your goals.

Fit interview length and depth may also vary by a company:

  • Mckinsey is a bit more structured and demanding in its approach with fit part, taking up to 30 minutes. They will ask all sets of questions including a story on 1 of 3 competencies: Leadership, Achievement, Personal Impact
  • BCG interviews are a bit shorter, a bit less structured and detailed. They will also test competencies like leadership, Impact, Teamwork
  • On the contrary, Bain consultants will be less concerned about your stories and will not have strict guidelines. They will mostly check your background and motivation

Good luck!

Hi Vlad -- thanks for that excellent answer. Quick question w.r.t. the three McKinsey-specific topics. Sometimes the 'Achievement' element is labelled as 'Drive' instead (c.f. the website). Is this to be understood as a question addressing your pursuit of a specific goal, incl. your motivation to act and the challenges you overcame in the process? Thank you for your help! Best, -L. — Anonymous on Apr 16, 2018

replied on Jul 29, 2017
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Hi Tadeus,

I think there's a few great posts out there that I can attach re: the fit interview. So, in order to avoid not giving credit to others for their posts, please find attach some sources that I recommend viewing. The main takeaway is that the interview process for firms becomes more personalized the further you are into the recruiting process.

On MBB firms in general and their recruiting process


On McKinsey

On Bain (vs McKinsey PEI)

*Additional Resources*

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