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MBB Nordic offices size and recruiting

MBB recruiting
Recent activity on May 24, 2017
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Anonymous A asked on May 24, 2017

Hello PrepLounge Community,

I am currently considering moving to the Nordic region and am wondering if anyone could share some information about MBB Nordic offices or consulting in general, in terms of the office sizes, when they recruit on a yearly basis, language requirement, etc.

Since I have missed campus recruiting and am graduating, I will probably join as an experienced hire. So another question would be: what kind of job would be best for getting a consulting interview as an experienced hire (company brand name vs. work which is more relevant to consulting, etc) and when is the best time to apply for a BA or AC position (like 1-year working experience vs. 2-year working experience).

I would appreciate any answers and information. Thank you!

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updated an answer on May 24, 2017
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Hi Anonymous,

I don’t have direct experience with the Nordics, however I have collected the following information from previous applicants there:

  • McK and BCG have around 100 people, Bain in smaller in size
  • They interview approximately 10% of the applicants and propose an offer to 10% of them
  • English is normally the only required language

As for your second question on the ideal background, consulting companies generally like either big brands or other consulting firms on your resume. There is a simple method to verify which may be the best profile in a specific country, that is, looking at the profile of people on LinkedIn currently in MBB for your target office and check what they did before. You can find some more information on this topic at the following link:

As for your question on the best time to apply, you could do so either after 1 or 2 years; in both cases you are likely to be offered a business analyst positions, although if you come from 2 years of experience you will get promoted faster to the next level as consultant.

Hope this helps,



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