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Anonymous A asked on Aug 27, 2019

I'm a junior analyst with 2 years work experience in a multionational utility company. I'm being localizated to our subsidiary in Brazil as senior position. In parallel to my career, I'm frequenting my online degree in Business Management from an accreditated UK university (expected conclusion December 2020), while working in Brazil.

I always got interested on the consulting sector, and I would like to ask you:

  1. Which MBB top firms have strong energy/utility consulting department (Energy Practice) in Brazil?
  2. Expecting to be a future candidate in 2021 (with around 4 years working experience), in which position do you think I would be hired?
  3. Does MBB sponsorize MSc or MBA for experienced professionals in Brazil?

Best regards.

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James Piazza
replied on Apr 18, 2020
BCG and Strategy& Project Manager | Accenture Consultant | 10+ years of professional experience | Vast international background


Since I am new at PrepLounge I have just come across your question. There are certainly good opportunities for experienced hires in Brazil. The entry level would depend on your experience and the firm, but my personal experience is that you can usually skip the first level subject to your performance during the interviews.

I had 3 years of professional experience when I decided to move to consulting (firstly Accenture, then Stratey& and BCG). In case you are still interested, please reach out and we can set some time (free of charge) to discuss your questions and opportunities.

Best regards,


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Anon on Mar 17, 2022

Does MBB Brazil still require the GMAT-style prova when you apply as an experienced hire? I currently work at Strategy& outside of Brazil.

James Piazza on Mar 17, 2022

Hi Anon - I believe it depends on your experience and desired entry level. In my case, it was not necessary when I joined BCG as a PL. Hope it helps!

Anonymous B replied on Aug 27, 2019

Hello! I am currently trying to apply for one ofe the MBB, and I can help you with some info:
1: I believe McKinsey works with every type of departments, so I would go for them for sure;
2: Maybe with a huge background you would be able to apply for positions that recquires experienced people, so, above analyst (maybe associate or something like that)
3: The same logic here: if you are already experienced, you will join firms after the entry positions, where the MBA are sponsorized. I am not sure, but that's the impressions I got from my researches

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James Piazza gave the best answer

James Piazza

BCG and Strategy& Project Manager | Accenture Consultant | 10+ years of professional experience | Vast international bac
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