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MBB Consultant Work-Life Balance

Anonymous A asked on Mar 07, 2018 - 3 answers

Hello prep lounge community,

In regards with the subject above, i think we all are aware that consultants, especially the MBB ones have very long hours.

Somehow, when you look at MBB websites, blogs and facebook page, they always showcase people with them doing activities like going for holiday, playing sports, or spending time with their family and etc, with the individual saying things like "oh, i have been actively involved with [insert leisure acitivites], and Mck,BCG, Bain made it possible".

Are these all just for show?


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replied on Mar 07, 2018
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Have you ever seen any articles showcasing that consultants are sleeping? That's the answer!:)

On a serious note:

  • You sleep less doing non-consulting staff
  • You still have the weekends
  • Paid vacations are longer than for other corporate jobs so you have more time
  • You have some training weeks when you can relax
  • You travel a lot so you can basically stay in the city for 1-2 days more in the weekend to run a marathon
  • Unpaid leaves are very common. People are downshifting, surfing for a couple of months, etc. I know a person who took a year to sail around the globe. You can't sustain consulting lifestyle without taking these leaves


Anonymous replied on Mar 07, 2018

Hey anonymous,

No, it's not for show off, because I don't think any of MBB firm, regardless of the location, is advertising to candidates that their lifestyle is going to be amazing - because it's not going to be. It's just to show that it's still possible to have a life outside consulting and that consultants often try to fight for keeping it - e.g., I've worked very few weekends since joining McKinsey, and try to take that time to myself, my family and my friends :)



Justin T replied on Mar 07, 2018
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