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Anonymous A asked on Apr 12, 2019

Should i apply MBB (and others) at the same time or i should start from one and if i cant make it, improve and apply the others later on?

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replied on Apr 12, 2019
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I would recommend applying at the same time for the following reasons:

1) Not all companies will be equally fast at responding/scheduling interviews. For instance, some companies may not even be hiring in certain offices for the next 2-3 months. Applying to companies in parallel gives you all the information and provides you the opportunity to stagger these interviews based on your preference

2) Once you get an offer, most of these companies need a response fairly quickly (~2 weeks). For instance, In the event that you get an offer from let's say Bain and you have not applied to other companies, you may not get the chance to complete the process for the McKinsey, BCG, etc. and make a holistic and well-thought out decision

3) There is usually momentum associated with preparation. You do not want to stretch it for too long. Keeping all the interviews in the timeframe of 1-2 months allows you to remain fresh and avoid the chance of being burned.

Hope this helps!


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replied on Nov 29, 2020
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Hi Anonymous,

I would recommend applying at the same time. But, you could apply to a couple of tier 2 firms as well as backup.

The thing is that if you start from just one, it can take you months before you have a chance to get results from each MBB. If you apply at one time, you will be able to get feedback from them (if you get invited to the interviews) and to find out where you need to improve.

Or, you may even succeed. Who knows, right? How do you assess your capacity?

Anyway, if you get rejected from all of the MBBs at almost the same time, the ban period will end faster, and you will be able to reapply there at almost the same time considering the freeze period at your place.

As for applying to tier 2 firms, I recommend you do so in case you get rejected by MBBs. You will have to improve and upgrade your profile during the ban period, and gaining relevant professional experience at a tier 2 company would be a great option for that.

Do you need any further help?


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Anonymous replied on Sep 08, 2020

Hi A,

I would recommend to apply at the same time. Otherwise it can last quite a time and become stressfull causing a burn-out.

Applying at the same time also allows you to get some real experience in being interviewed and use it when applying to another company and further on. Besides, not all companies provide a quick response.

Make sure you are well prepared and confident about your chances, also practice more and work on improving your weak points.



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replied on Apr 13, 2019
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Agree w/ Nirmit on the 'momentum' concept, but let me offer up a different general take:

- Many/most candidates vastly overestimate their preparation level

- Admission rates are low, with some figures as low as 1% and less

=> objvectively, mathematically, your and everyone's odds of being properly prepared & receiving an offer are low.

I would recommend you apply to Tier2 first, then perhaps the one of MBB that you expect to like least. Assuming you do get interviews (far from a given), you will quickly get very clear indications of how well you perform. If you do well, hurry and apply to the last couple of companies; if not, cut your losses and go back to the drawing board: do you need a stronger profile? more prep? better prep? just luck? (that last one, probably not!).

If you do apply and get rejected, you will likely not be able to reapply for another couple of years. Don't burn yourself applying everywhere if you don't know you can go the distance.

Hope that helps. Good luck -

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I will get you an offer|McKinsey Senior EM|Offers from MBB|100+ interviews at McKinsey|Recruiting Lead|Experienced hire
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