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New answer on Dec 24, 2021
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Anonymous A asked on Dec 15, 2021

 I have got  an  opportunity to meet one of the consultant of XYZ firm  as part of MBA Coffee chat discussion. Apart from the general discussion  I also wanted to ask whether he can refer / pass on my CV to the Hiring Manager as referral.

How should I I indirectly ask him for referrals.

Any tips or advice?

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replied on Dec 15, 2021
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Please do not do this. If you are meeting with them through an MBA arranged coffee chat (I'm picturing a series of times/dates they've provided you) then this consultant is meeting with you and a bunch of other candidates.

They may or may not be evaluating you, but, regardless, this is not the forum to ask for a referral!

Be careful with this type of networking! Just come forward with your best self, give a good impression, and let the conversation flow naturally. If he likes you as a candidate, you won't even need to ask him to do anything (he'll do it voluntarily without telling you).

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replied on Dec 24, 2021
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Sorry, it doesn't work like that. It's not about asking, but about earning it.

First, you don't need to bring it up. They know they can refer you.

Second, does asking for it increase your chances? No, not at all, and can actually lower your chances.

Third, what increases your chances? Having a meaningful conversation. In a meaningful conversation you share unique, interesting things about you, and you learn about the personal experience of your counterpart. Sometimes you discuss an interesting business problem and are able to bring up some value add to the discussion.

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updated an answer on Dec 19, 2021
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MBB incentivize their employees to bring referrals, however, generally speaking I wont referrer a someone I hardly know.  Recommending someone that may not fit at all, can harm my reputation. I would hence ask for referral only someone that knows you well and is confident and comfortable to recommend you. 

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