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Anonymous A asked on Mar 23, 2021


Have you ever heard anything about a background check at INSEAD and LBS? Of course, I am not thinking of anything illegal, I just want to avoid possible problems with applications (by saying something that I cannot prove documentary, for example).

1. Do these schools employ third-party companies such as Kroll or Re vera or do such a check themselves?

2. Do these schools ask for payrolls and tax returns, or a letter from the employer may be enough?

3. What kind of documentation Is required for INSEAD's need-based scholarships? (proof of income, salary slips, tax declarations...?)

Many thanks!


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Hi there,

I haven't heard of this, but I'm also confused by your question...just tell the's that simple.

Background checks essentially are used to confirm that you existed at that institution, in the role you state, during the times you state, and that you weren't kicked out for any bad reasons. That's it.

What could you possibly include on your resume that can't be defended?

1. It depends...and, does the answer to this Q really matter?

2. They will never ask for your tax return. They will check with the employer themselves directly.

3. Surely nothing you listed - if you're receiving that scholarship from the government there should be a letter of certificate or document stating you're receiving the aid.

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You can expect a 3rd party company to do a background check. You have to have some proof for anything listed in the application. For employment this would be ideally a letter of reference, but pay slips, tax returns etc will also be fine. The background search will not be super detailed but more superficial (reflecting the less than 100 bucks or so that you pay them anyhow).

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Anonymous A on Mar 24, 2021
Denis, thanks a lot! What do you mean by a letter of reference?

Never heard of that.

I suggest posting under INSEAD or LBS tags to engage students or graduates from those schools.



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Gone through this myself. It´s a pain, but nothing to be worried about if you didn´t lie (i.e., you said that you worked in X when it wasn´t true).

To your questions:

  1. 3rd party provider
  2. Nothing like that! They contact your previous employer to verify you worked there in those dates, and that´s it.
  3. That is perfectly stated in INSEAD´s page on scholarships

Hope it helps!



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Hello there!

You don't have to worry about any background checks if you don't lie in your CV application. It clearly might happen just to make sure that you have a certain background that you stated. But nothing too special.

The documents can be checked on the website of INSEAD

Good luck,


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