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Master the McKinsey PEI with Cristians new Guide and Video Course

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Recent activity on Feb 27, 2024
1 Answer
asked on Feb 27, 2024
Coaching Program Manager at PrepLounge

The average candidate invests only 10-20% of their total preparation time for the PEI. As a consequence, candidates often fail because of the PEI instead of the case component of the interview. They struggle to understand the expectations from McKinsey PEI stories, what granularity is required and how to go about developing them.

This package is an end-to-end solution for your McKinsey PEI preparation and the most comprehensive and up-to-date PEI course on the market. It aims to be straight to the point: no fluff.

The core material is a ~50-page guide, including a 1.5-hour video walkthrough.

The course will enable you to:

  1. understand how the PEI works and what is being evaluated
  2. how to identify, develop and prepare your PEI stories
  3. how to deliver your stories on interview day

The package comes with two other assets:

  1. A collection of 3 recordings of PEI stories told during real McKinsey interviews
  2. The StoryBuilder, which contains the story structure template and the top 10 most common questions for each PEI dimension

This guide also details anomalies in PEI interviewing formats such as the ‘Values Alignment Question’ and the ‘Personal Value Proposition Question,’ including the role and office where these were asked.
Coach Cristian developed this resource after coaching 1-on-1 over 200 candidates and having listened to over 1,000 PEI stories, and refined it with feedback from current McKinsey senior interviewers.

You can find the guide and further information here

Note: This guide was designed with the McKinsey PEI in mind, but can be used as a storytelling framework when preparing for personal fit interviews with all consulting firms.

Attention: After purchasing, contact Cristian for access to all additional materials.

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Best answer
Content Creator
replied on Feb 27, 2024
#1 rated MBB & McKinsey Coach

Hi everyone!

I‘ve worked on this course for the past two years - I know, not the fastest or most impressive product release 😅

But I did my absolute best to put all my knowledge and experience regarding MBB personal fit interviewing into one material. I then sought extensive feedback from current interviewers to validate that this resource can help you deliver not a good, but distinctive performance during the interview.

There are no cheat codes inside. No tricks. No insider knowledge. Instead, you can find a storytelling course tailored for top tier consulting which seeks to surpass interviewer expectations. 

So I can sleep well at night knowing that if you do the course and follow my advice, you’ll be able to deliver compelling stories. Then please reach out and tell me what the interviews said.

Also, to make the course launch sweeter, I am providing a 10% off code to the first 10 candidates who reach out. 

Good luck with your prep and hope you will find this helpful!!


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