Market sizing for number of people at a London tube station

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New answer on Sep 27, 2019
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Anonymous A asked on Sep 26, 2019

How would you approach to calculate the number of people at a busy tube station at a given hour?

I was thinking of approaching it this way. Let me know your thoughts:

Pick a station, look at the average duration between 2 trains at that station. This will help me calculate the number of trains either arriving at or departing from this station in an hour. I will then see what is the average number of coaches each train has and further look at the occupancy rate of the coaches. Depending on the hour of the day, the trains can be filled at varying capacity. (For the purpose of simplicity, I'll look at standing and seated passengers equally, and include both when looking at capacity). Using this number, I will have an idea of the number of passengers crossing the station at a given hour. If I can determine turnover rate (number of people getting off the train minus those getting on the train) at the station, I will have an idea of the average number of people at the station at a given time. I believe this will again depend on where the station lies - if it is the city centre and the hour of the day is 9-10 am, more people will get off the train than get on. I will then multiply this with 2 as there will be two train directions at any station. I am unable to understand how to estimate this rate.


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Anonymous B replied on Sep 27, 2019

Could you calculate the proportion of London population who do a morning commute in via tube, then divide by number of stops / in central London?

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replied on Sep 26, 2019
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Happy to help you and rvise your approach if you provide at least some initail ideas. I don't believe you are completely stuck here, since the question is pretty easy


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Anonymous A on Sep 27, 2019

Sure Vlad, I have laid out my approach. Please let me know your thoughts.