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Anonymous A asked on Aug 05, 2019

I got asked this by a mate but I’m stumped. I can segment into Commerical and non commercial usage. For non commercial, I use number of households as a proxy. For Commerical I can segment into laundry rooms and public, but I struggle to work out next steps. How would I calculate number of washing machines for laundry room segment (hotels, hospitals)?

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replied on Aug 07, 2019
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Plenty of good options below.

Another way to think of this is to think from a population perspective and not split it upfront but start with overall usage for those that do not have access to personal machines

So calculate # of household and % of population with access to laundry at home - like you have already done

Then population that does not have indiviual access at home (live in apartments without laundry in unit so use building laundry etc.) Make assumptions on number of laundry machines per 100 people and calculate laundry machines needed here

Then look at special population needs - e.g., students, hospitals, laundromats, hotels. and make individual assumptions - e.g., students you can use the same number as what you calculate for population without individual machines, for hospitals and hotels you might need different assumptions and maybe even the same one.

Hope this helps


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replied on Aug 05, 2019
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For commercial usage, you can split the city geographically into districts and assume the number of Hotels / hospitals / laundries per district


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Anonymous B replied on Aug 05, 2019

pop / hh / machines per hh / 1/life cycle / $

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Anonymous on Aug 05, 2019

What about commercial washing machines?


Udayan gave the best answer


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