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Bain case: Asian lubricants producer
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When practicing the case with a partner, I asked about market growth in Germany, Turkey and Russia. Since no data was available to me, I only used a qualitative approach to the market growth point. I.e. In the context of market growth only, I stated that it was interesting to see that there was a higher potential for lubricantsCo to launch its product in Russia and Turkey since these two markets showed sign of growth. Was I supposed to make up a quantitative estimate or was it sufficient to approach this point solely from a qualitative standpoint?

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It´s very common that data is not displayed from the beggining. However, it´s available when you ask for it -and asking for the right pieces of information is part of the challenge-.

Hope it helps!



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baseline is to identify the required data needed to perform a specific analysis to test a specific hypothesis.

If no info is given upon asking the interviewer, there is a high chance you missed something. However, there may be instances where this is part of the case (e.g. data may not be available given intransparent industries or complex segmentation). In those rare cases you should certainly be able to give a qualitative answer (i.e. rough direction of growth, perhaps a range of numbers) with of course some justifications on the upper and lower boundary of your range.


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Hi there,

Do you see where it says "Information that can be shared if inquired" throughout the case?

Data was available to you. You didn't ask for it.

So, unfortunately your approach was incorrect. You needed to be much more directed and precise in your questions to get the desired data to then support your market analyusis.

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Anonymous A on Jan 20, 2021
Hey Ian. Thanks for the answer. I did indeed try to segment the growth per country and asked for data but didn't get factual data since the interviewer did not have it handy. Could you pls advise where you are seeing numerical information specifically on the market growth in each country?


Hi there,

I'm sorry to say that but you could have asked for it.

In some cases though, the qualitative approach is the right one.



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