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Looking for native/near-native English speakers for cases (got an offer from McK)

Anonymous A asked on Apr 11, 2019


I am looking for native/near-native English speakers with whom I can do cases as an interviewer (I got an offer from McK and had done 50+ cases prior to the interview). English is my second language at around C1 level, but recently I haven't had many opportunities to use it at work/daily life. I can give you cases with comprehensive feedback or we can just talk about the preparation process, business-related topics, etc. I have a strong background in math/statistics/data analysis and would be more than happy to share some experiences.

Funny thing is that all the cases I was given during the interviews were in the local language, thus, except for PST, my English skills were not evaluated. I find it quite strange that a company known for a very difficult interview process with a strong focus on avoiding false positives would just overlook such a critical factor. It is even more strange as neither have I worked nor have I studied abroad, and it was specifically stated in my resume.

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replied on Apr 11, 2019
Bain & Company | University of Cambridge | CV/Resume writing | 770 GMAT
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You should have no problems finding native english speakers to practice with on here!

Serhat replied on Apr 25, 2019
BCG | Kellogg MBA |82% Success Rate| 350+ coachees | 5+ year consulting | 30+ projects in ~10 countries
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Congrats on your offer =)

Shree replied on Apr 17, 2019


I am multilingual with native fluency in English and am looking for case prep. I'm also interested in hearing about your experiences in stats. Drop me a line!

Kiva replied on Apr 16, 2019
Attempt 2 at MBBs . Solved 200 + cases .

Hey , I am a consultant working at a boutique strategy and Implementation consulting firm . Would love to chat . Pls message

Doruk replied on Apr 11, 2019


We can do cases whenever you want, please drop me a message!



Peter replied on Apr 11, 2019
Hi! Preparing for McKinsey first round, have done 50+ cases to date and looking to do interviewer-led cases with solid partners :)


Happy to do cases with you, especially since you're offering to be the interviewer. My entire education has been in English, so feel that I have quite a strong grasp of the language :)

Let me know!



Anonymous replied on Apr 11, 2019

Send me a message

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