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Leave Tier 2 after 6 months for MBB

Anonymous A asked on Apr 09, 2018 - 5 answers

Hi all,

I just got a FT offer at a Tier 2 strategy firm.

I am quite disappointed that I didn't get an interview at any of the MBBs: I made the mistake of applying directly for FT instead of a final internship. All my batch friends applying for an internship got an interview, while for me they said I need a bit more experience to get an interview for FT. Once rejected I couldn't apply for internship anymore.

However they told me they would be happy to invite me after one more exp (like a 6 month internship I guess). But I don't have internship offers anywhere, just a FT offer at a non-MBB consulting firm.

Do you think I can take the FT offer at Tier 2 and apply in 6 months at MBB pretending my current job is an internship, or should I wait 2 years to reapply at MBB? I am afraid reapplying after only 6 months of FT job might send MBBs the signal that I am not a stable person that moves all the time.


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replied on Apr 09, 2018
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I would either apply as soon as you can or wait promotion/~2 years, especially if you live in a country where up or out is strictly enforced. The reason why is that if you "jump" ship in 6 months for a better opportunity that won't be judge negatively by other employers, it's understandable that sometimes timing doesn't work out and you should not pass better opportunities because you just joined.

After 6 months I would wait a promotion/~2 years because it's important to show to other employers that you can be promoted on the job. This also would hedge the potential of having to explain why you change job 3 times in 2 years if, once you join MBB, you are forced out.

Hope it helps,


replied on Apr 10, 2018
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First of all - definitely take the job - you'll need to demonstrate a shift in your resume to apply again

Secondly - why do you even need to pretend? Noone really cares whether its an internship or a full-time role if you have it on your resume and you are fully eligible for reapplication.

Finally and the most important - is 6 months your guess or what they told you? Normally the ban is 1-2 years. If no one told you the opposite - you'll have to wait for at least a year


Anonymous replied on Apr 09, 2018

Hey anonymous,

Did they explicitly told you that you could apply in 6 months? If not, I wouldn't assume that "need a bit more of experience to get a FT interview" means 6 months and would clarify it with them. All MBBs have a "blacklist" period, during which it's completely irrelevant for you to apply as your application will not even be considered, and if I was you I would try to check out with them what's the relevant one that apply to your case (it's on average 2 years by default!).

In case you are sure that in your case they are willing to re-open your case after just 6 months... then it's completely indifferent for them whether you come from a FT or just internship position (they just care about the experience and skills; not about your legal contract details).



Anonymous A replied on Apr 11, 2018

Thanks a lot for your answers.

In case I can't go MBB and stay at my tier 2 for c.3 years, what are the exit opportunities an ex-MBB has and that an ex-tier 2 doesn't?

Anonymous A replied on Apr 09, 2018

Thanks for your answer.

I know that in my country, if you didn't even get an interview you can reapply after any additional experience; I think what you mentioned applies when you get invited and fail during the process (I may be wrong, but that's what insiders from MBB in my country have told me)