Is McKinsey webex case coaching session a group session?

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Anonymous A asked on Dec 12, 2019

I was invited to webex case coaching session next week. I was informed that the session runs for 1~2 hrs and it starts at certain time. It's optional and I also don't know how they are going to handle feedbacks with audiences since it's live session.

Can I join in the middle of the session? How many audiences are usually there?

Is it similar to studying case interviews on your own?

on Dec 14, 2019
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It's a group session but usually it's "interactive2. I would suggest to join from the beginning or at least to let them know in advance that you can not be there since the beginning

Hope it helps,


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I confirm it is optional but very useful for some tips and insight from inside. Joining in the middle of the session is ok, I only recommend to advise before HR or directly the consultant since it is dedicated to not many candidates.


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Hey there,

I used to ran those. From my experience as a candidate, they are quite useful (expecially to unerstand the fit questions so specific to McKinsey), and I encourage you to attend the whole session. To answer you questions:

  • You can join at all time, but as said I encourage you to attend as of beginning.
  • Audience vary between 5-10 people.
  • It brings something different thant practicing on your own. You will perform a mock case, and host of the session (a consultant) will share very practical and actionable pieces of advice that are actually taken into account into evaluation on the D-day.

Hope it's clear! Don't hesitate if I can develop further.



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It's a group session. Webex platform in general is designed to run the group sessions


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Yes it is .. there are two coaches who do like a presentaion of the whole process and then they do role play of a case with each other then there is Q&A. you can log in anytime but the session is really of added value so try to attend it all.

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Brings good memories, since I used to do them :)

It´s a group exercise, where 5-10 candidates are invited with one consultant who will:

1. Talk about his/her experience

2. Walk the group through a case, explaining how the process is going to be

3. Q&A

It´s not graded or anything, etiher compulsory.

But it´s useful!

Hope it helps. Best,


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