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Anonymous A asked on Feb 11, 2024

Im closing in on a CFO consulting role at Accenture. Should I take it? 

What I really want to do is Strategy consulting. Don’t care if at MBB/ Tier2 or Boutique. 

Context: I was laid off from my CFO Consulting role (from a Big4) last year. I have reached final rounds for in-house Strategy and Boutique consulting firms ; didn’t work out. I already have an MBA and did CFO consulting roles before my MBA. 

I respect and appreciate CFO consulting but it is not for me. 

I’m 32; is it too late for me to do this switch to strategy consulting. I know I won’t be happy until I reach that threshold.

I have put a lot of efforts into my casing and I feel I’m really close. I know i will regret for not keep on trying. 

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replied on Feb 12, 2024
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If you were laid off and now have an offer on the table, take it (or at least this is what I would do). You know the job, you know what you have to do, and this will give you some stability over the coming period. 

Then, set aside time to improve your interviewing skills (casing and personal fit) for strategy roles. 

Most importantly, make sure that you understand WHY you got rejected from strategy roles and then work targeted on that feedback. 

Then, when you apply again for strategy roles, apply broader. Here are a few principles to keep in mind when developing your application strategy:

And no, you're not old. You are not old. You are not old. 


PS. You are not old. 

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replied on Feb 14, 2024
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Hi there,

1) I’m closing in on a CFO consulting role at Accenture. Should I take it? 

It depends on the alternatives. Given you want to join a consulting company, you could try to apply and get a job in that industry before starting the new role. If it doesn’t work out and you end without alternatives, you can take the job.

2) I’m 32; is it too late for me to do this switch to strategy consulting?

Age-wise it is not too late. There are many consultants I know who joined later than that. Given you are open to a good number of companies and you really want to do consulting, I would define a good application strategy and apply, if possible before starting the new role. 

You can find some tips for referrals for an application strategy below:

How to Get a Consulting Interview Invitation

Good luck!


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replied on Feb 12, 2024
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Hi there,

Fantastic opportunity! With a CFO job (before and now) sounds like you could afford a career coach to make sure youre choice optimal! This reminds me of /rMoney or /rHENRY sub-reddit forums where a millionaire is asking for tax/accounting/wealth management advice :)

It sounds like you don't want to do CFO Consulting. If you think you can get other roles, then you should decline the offer. If you think you can't get other roles, then you should take the CFO Consulting role. If it were me and it was an offer for a job I know I'd hate? I'd decline. But that's me…and I don't know you and your values! (Important!)

Ultimately, it would really help to get assessed by a case coach to see your odds, and, again, hire a career coach to help you navigate the journey + decision effectively!

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replied on Feb 29, 2024
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Take the job, and if you what you really want to do is strategy consulting… keep trying :)

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