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Interview process @Batten & Company (BBDO Consulting)

Anonymous A

Hi everyone,

I have an interview at Batten & Company Germany (formerly BBDO Consulting; Marketing & Sales consulting boutique) coming up in mid November 2016.

Anyone with former (interview) experience at Batten who can share some insights on the interview process?

replied on 10/04/2016
Experienced consultant, now running own consulting business

Hi there,

I did an internship there ages ago (10+ years), in the Munich office, so my experience is probably of little help. But for some reason, I remember the interview relatively vivid.

I had three interviews, besides the general CV chit chat I had one market sizing case (number of Panini stickers and albums being sold in Munich - this was shortly before the World Championship in Germany in 2006). There were also quite a few relatively serious questions (considering that I was a student, coming in for an internship) about marketing and brand. I remember one case about the "awareness funnel" in marketing and one question about functions of a brand.

Hope that helps (a little bit at least),