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Good afternoon everyone.

I'd like to have some insights concerning the interview at E.ON Inhouse Consulting. I know that the interview takes place in Essen, lasts the entire day with 3 rounds of personal fit + case interviews each.

Any suggestion on how to prepare for that specific interview at ECON? Where to find real ECON cases, how to practice, etc...

Thank you in advance.


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replied on 11/26/2017
Experienced McKinsey consultant

Cases for ECON aren't more difficult than for any top-tier consultancy. Prepare the same way. Be ready though that they may ask you deeper questions toward their main industry, though they have an understanding that it is not mandatory to have previous experience there.

Be ready to work less harder than in top-3, but your salary & transition is also less aggressive.

Anonymous A replied on 11/27/2017

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