Intern in choice #1 or full-time in choice #2?

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I'm facing what you'd name a "good problem" to have. I'm about to graduate from a Msc degree and have just received an offer to join Bain as an Intern. Which I accepted without hesitation as Bain has always been my #1 for several reasons, from the amazing culture to clients in the PE and luxury industries. Few days after having accepted the offer I received an invitation to do the online tests for both BCG and McKinsey. I stopped my process with BCG, but did McKinsey for curiosity about the Imbellus test and because it was my choice #2. Now they reached out to me to tell me that soon I'll be called for interviews to join them as a full-time BA.

My problem is that Bain is my dream company, I am extremely enthusiastic to start there soon (in few weeks), however, the internship contract leaves room for uncertainty (even if apparently in this office 90% of interns are confirmed full-time). I am hesitant between stopping here and focusing on my experience at Bain, or carrying on with the McKinsey process which btw promises to do a full-time onboarding in 4 months (by then my internship will be done).

- Is it ethically correct? I repeat, I'm charmed by Bain, I wouldn't like them to think I'm compromising my engagement

- Also, I've gone almost through a burnout with the interview preparation, with 4 months of daily preparation and almost +80 cases. Keeping in mind these weeks I've my final exams and deliverables to conclude my MSc, I was so relieved to leave the preparation behind me. At me moment I'm not enthusiastic about the idea of restarting it for the upcoming McK interviews...

What are your thoughts about the situation? What would you do if you were in mu shoes?

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"My problem is that Bain is my dream company"

You have your answer here my friend :)

Don't overthink this. Get Bain, do your best, and you'll be happy no matter the outcome.

If you try and go McK no matter what happens you're going to have regrets.

Tell McK HR you appreciate their invitation to interview but that you have, in the meantime, accepted another offer (don't mention it was before the Imbellus). Tell them you are excited by them but have to honor your other contract.

Then, rest up! The internship is going to be intense. Get some R&R and hit the ground running for the intership. This will maximize your chances of getting that full-time offer!

Aesop's fable regarding your situation:

Let me tell you about Aesop's fable about the dog and the bone. There was a dog who was given a bone by a local butcher. It was super happy about about this and ran to the river to chew on it. However, upon arriving, and looking into the river, it saw another dog with a bone in it's mouth. Thinking it could snatch this bone away, it dove in with jaws open. It's own bone fell out and drifted away in the current as the 2nd dog reflection vanished with a splash. The dog was left with nothing.


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You are being spoilt by the illusion of choice.

The fact is that you have the Bain Internship in the bag, while you still have to work to get McK. You may or may not get the job. No harm in trying provided you can commit the time & have the energy & motivation.

Otherwise, stick with Bain, smash the internship and get the full-time offer there. If not, you can go somewhere else. Clearly your CV is good and is getting the attention.

My standard advice on such "choice" questions is this: Make a choice based on the firm & role which is a better fit with your career aspirations, values and risk profile. Choices are never perfect as with every other event in life. So remove that pressure.

Good luck choosing & congrats!

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Golden problem, HUGE congrats to you! Effort paid off.

This is a totally personal choice.

I would honestly go until the end with McKinsey, and only think about which one to take whenever you actually have two offers in the table -atm, you have only Bain´s-.

Furthermore, given you are burned out, I wouldn´t do any more prep, but leverage the one you already have done and see how it goes.

Hope it helps!



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