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Innogy phone interview and application process

application process germany Innogy consulting Phone interview
Recent activity on Oct 10, 2018
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Anonymous A asked on Mar 28, 2017

Hi all!

I have a phone interview coming up with Innogy Consulting (Germany). Does anyone have experience with that? Is it going to be in German or English?

And how is the further application process? Anyone done the AC with innogy?

Cheers :)

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Anonymous B replied on Mar 31, 2017

Hey! I went through innogy’s application process in Germany, as well.

The phone interview was in German and there were no cases or brainteasers. It was basically the standard type of interview: personal fit questions, talk about the CV, motivation to work for innogy (why inhouse consulting?). They also asked questions about the current challenges for innogy/energy sector, chances, risks and developments.

The AC consists of a personal fit interview, a case interview (about 1-1,5h preparation followed by a presentation) and a role play based on the case. I really enjoyed the atmosphere, as it seemed more casual than other interviews I’ve had (man duzt sich, sogar die Partner).

Good luck!

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Blank on Oct 10, 2018

Hey - have you been through the online test (c.45mins long) and can provide any details about what this consists of and what areas you need to know? Many thanks!

Anonymous C replied on Oct 10, 2018

Hi all - has anyone been through the online test prior to the AC (c.45mins long) and can provide any details about what this consists of and what areas you need to know? Many thanks!

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replied on Mar 31, 2017
PrepLounge Head of Product & Marketing

Hi Anonymous A,

thanks for asking your question on our Consulting Q&A!

I found two other Q&As that might be helpful for you.

One is specifically about the Assessment Center at innogy:

My AC was last year and it was divided into a personal fit interview, a case study and a role play. You will get material and some time to prepare a presentation you will give in front of the interviewers (there were consultants as well as HR recruiters). Then you will have a case study. It was related to the energy sector, but just a normal kind of case study. I didn’t particularly prepare for inhouse consulting cases or something, a general case prep should suffice. The case took about an hour and the calculations were a bit tough for me but I think it was just because I was nervous.

“inhouse” consulting is not that important for the case but for the personal fit part, I would say. You should know why you want to work for innogy and why inhouse consulting. The benefit of inhouse consulting is the focus on a specific industry, so you should be somewhat passionate about the energy sector when you wanna work for innogy. Be well-informed about innogy's current projects and problems they are facing in the energy sector.

For the original Q&A, check out the following link: Innogy - AC

In another Q&A, our expert Francesco mentions an advantage of working for an Inhouse consultancy:

In in-house consulting you will likely focus on a specific sector and practice – the one of your mother company. In strategy consulting you will normally see different industries, projects and clients. If you are already sure about you ideal industry, the first option may be the best alternative. If you are not sure yet about your favourite sector, the second may be better.

For the original Q&A, check out the following link: Difference between working at inhouse and strategy consultancy

I hope this helps and wish you a successful interview!


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