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Gianni asked on Feb 15, 2017

Hello dear Consulting comminity,

I am heading soon to the AC for Innogy, and I trying to gather some information - especially for the Case interview, could you give me some advices? I hardly imagine what kind of case could it be - as it is in-house consulting, and so far, I don't have experience with that.

Thank you so much!


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Anonymous B replied on Feb 16, 2017

Hi Barbara =)

My AC was last year and it was divided into a personal fit interview, a case study and a role play. You will get material and some time to prepare a presentation you will give in front of the interviewers (there were consultants as well as HR recruiters). Then you will have a case study. It was related to the energy sector, but just a normal kind of case study. I didn’t particularly prepare for inhouse consulting cases or something, a general case prep should suffice. The case took about an hour and the calculations were a bit tough for me but I think it was just because I was nervous.

“inhouse” consulting is not that important for the case but for the personal fit part, I would say. You should know why you want to work for innogy and why inhouse consulting. The benefit of inhouse consulting is the focus on a specific industry, so you should be somewhat passionate about the energy sector when you wanna work for innogy. Be well-informed about innogy's current projects and problems they are facing in the energy sector.

I hope I could help you. Good luck at the AC!