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Inner Square MBB Applications London

New answer on Aug 07, 2019
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Anonymous A asked on Apr 05, 2019

Hi There,

Does anyone know how the MBB application/referral process via Inner Square works in London?

If you submit an application via Inner Square, does this stop you applying direclty via the individual company websites?

What is the process to determine whether they can grant you an interview?


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Anonymous replied on Aug 07, 2019


I have experience working with InnerSquare, both as a candidate (I worked with them when applying for MBB companies) and as a Coach for their candidates now. So I've seen both sides!

My advice would be to contact InnerSquare directly as every case is different.

But to answer your questions, generally:

  • If you choose to be an InnerSquare candidate, then you cannot also directly apply to the individual companies. Besides it being redundant, the idea of working with InnerSquare is that they not only prepare you, but also refer you to MBB companies, as a partner. Is there a reason why you'd want to apply directly as well?
  • I'm not 100% clear about your second question. If you question is about whether InnerSquare will grant you an interview, it's based on your background and whether they feel you are a good fit for them in terms of prepping you and referring you. If the question is re: how the MBB companies will determine whether they grant you an interview, it is the same as any other candidate. However, the difference here is that InnerSquare helps you get your CV & Cover Letter in order (which they are experts at!!!!) in a way that is consulting ready and they work with you, closely, to prepare you for your interviews.

Shoot me a message if you want to meet to explore this or your preparation further.

All the best!

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Anonymous B on Apr 21, 2021

I'm unable to find contact details of InnerSquare. Could you please share Innersquare details here?

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