Industry hire interviews for MBB and Deloitte - can you share your experiences?

Piyali asked on May 09, 2017 - 1 answer
Looking for solid partners. MBB (1st round) and Deloitte Strategy (2nd round) interviews coming up. Former PwC S&O consultant.

I have interviews coming up with Bain (first round) and Deloitte (second round), Amsterdam office. For both I am looking at Senior Consultant/Consultant roles, positioned as an industry hire. This is because the past year I have been working in an internal role within a development organization. However previously I was a consultant at PwC S&O (Dubai office) for 3 years. So while my professional life (around 5 years) has been consultancy, my most recent role is not.

I am wondering how the interview evaluation differs because I am seen as an industry hire? How much should I play up or downplay previous consultancy role? Are expectations and criteria different compared to (fresh) graduate and MBA hires? Do European offices view this in a particular way?

I have no issue with explaining my career trajectory in the fit portion of the interview or accounting for consulting skills etc. Really just want to understand how I will be viewed by the firms as an industry hire.

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Rishi replied on May 10, 2017

Hi, would you like to do a mock case interview sometime?

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