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I'm a law grad with ~10 years of banking experience in HK. How likely MBB want a person with profile like me?


I studied Juris Doctor on a part-time basis while I was working as a relationship manager in corporate banking for all those years. I have strong business acumen as well as the structured thinking that law taught us.

Guennael replied on 06/07/2017
Ex-MBB, Experienced Hire; Case prep seminar leader; Helped dozens get into consulting

MBB is always trying to get new profiles. MBAs are a dime a dozen, whereas there are comparatively few JDs, MDs...

Just based off the limited information you provide here, I would expect top consultancies to be interested in your profile. If you can show good schools, various leadership positions over the years, solid career trajectory and the like, you might very well get an interview. It will always help to get some internal recommendation (have you worked with a current MBB consultant? can someone vouch for you?), but it is not mandatory.

Once they express interest in your profile, you become just like any other applicant, and will go through the same selection process (typically 2 rounds of case interviews, though some companies and offices may add a 3rd round or make you take specific tests as well).

Hope this help?


Guennael -

ex-BCG Dallas, also an industry / off-cycle hire

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