I just did the practice SHL verbal reasoning test - help please!!

James asked on Sep 03, 2018 - 3 answers

I just did the practice SHL verbal reasoning test and struggled.

The part I found difficult was how the text and questions were not grouped together properly. They jump around randomly. E.g. the text for Q1 could be the same for Q4, Q7, Q11.

The questions relating to one text were not grouped.

Is this how it is for the actual SHL verbal reasoning test?

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Sarah replied on Sep 05, 2018

I don't remember this being the case. I remember texts not being reused - but I also did not encounter this phenomenon in the practice test.

Thanks Sarah - very weird, hopefully the real test isnt like that for me — James on Sep 05, 2018

replied on Sep 03, 2018
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This seems like a glitch - usually you get one passage, and 2-4 questions on that passage, then the next passage.

Where did you take the practice SHL test? I would contact the test issuer and inform them about this, as it does not seem normal.

Thanks for your reply - did it on shldirect.com — James on Sep 04, 2018

Anonymous A replied on Mar 10, 2019


Thanks, for the info about your experience during the SHL test. I was invited for the tests, and will complete them soon.

Btw, do you mind sharing more info on the test itself? I am still confused with the number of questions will be, as there is discrepancy regarding the time between the practice test and the real one. For the verbal reasoning, the practice test of the test provider sets 30 questions in 19 mins, while the invitation email states the overall time required is 45 mins.

Thus, I am wondering if the real test will have more questions? Or the same number of questions?

I would appreciate for your insights. I look forward to hearing from you again. Thank you for your help.



Hi J, I am going to do the test and I was wondering if you could clear for me the time for each assessment and the total number of questions asked. Than you very much!! — Alejandra on Mar 18, 2019

The format is the same as the practice ones — Jerry on Mar 19, 2019 (edited)

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