I have my final round 1:1 case interview, and panel presentation interview with Oliver Wyman. Are the cases similar to McKinsey style cases? Any other tips...

Ankit asked on Apr 14, 2017 - 2 answers
I have my first round of interviews of McKinsey on 14th Oct so keen to practise. I have 6 yr consulting experience in Deloitte UK.
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Anonymous replied on Apr 17, 2017

Dear Ankit,

I've gathered some info on OW and what I can say is they are much less structured when compared to McK and others.

For example:

1) Sometimes they don't even ask for structure;

2) I've heard from friends that went to final rounds who got a lot of "strange" estimation cases (PM me if you want to learn a few of them)

3) The style of case depends a lot more on the interviewer rather than the firm (in other words, depending on the interviewer you will get a more interviewer-led or candidate-led)

4) The cases tend to be shorter (this could depend from country to country) - the entire case is more 40-45 minute, with a good 7-10min FIT and at least 5-10min Q&A so the case usually is from 25-35 minutes (again, this can change from office to office)

Hope this helps

replied on Apr 17, 2017
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Agree with Nuno!

  1. You can have some "strange" fit questions, like "What you will do if you become a president". Seems you can't prepare for these
  2. Most probably you will have several brainteasers, so read the books "How to ace brain teasers interview" and "Are you smart to work at google?"
  3. In addition to regular cases prepare for market sizing since this is the most common type in unstructured interviews
  4. Since Oliver Wyman is heavily specialized on banking - learn a lot about it. (i.e. corporate and retail banking products, how bank accounts profit = interest income + commission income + transaction income - funding costs - provisions - FC, etc)

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