I couldn't pass McKinsey 1st round interview. How to get into McKinsey a few years later?

Someone asked on Dec 06, 2018 - 2 answers

I couldn't pass McKinsey 1st round interview. The first interview was OK but my case performance in the second interview was terrible. At the end of the interview, the interviewer told me that I have to wait 18-24 months before reapplying for McKinsey. By the way, I was rejected from other MBB firms.

I really want to work for an MBB firm, especially for McKinsey. Which is the best way to get into McKinsey after waiting at least 1.5 years? Working for a Tier 2 consulting firm, pursuing an MBA, getting a nonconsulting job in a well-known company in its industry (e.g. Google, P&G), found a startup, or apply after getting a PhD degree? Any advices?

Another question, I have computer science and operations research background. As a backup plan, if I consider the data scientist position at McKinsey Analytics. Am I also blacklisted for the nonconsulting positions like that, or the blacklist is only for consulting positions?

Thanks in advance.


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replied on Dec 06, 2018


Each of the paths you've mentioned are possible modes of joining an MBB firm. The important thing is to choose the path that best suits you. Perhaps the most common path for joining MBB firms would be to get a few years experience and then study an MBA at a school from which these firms recurits. However you may wish to apply directly pre-mba.

Think about the career in which you think you can be most succesful and happy and show that you're a high performer at what you do. This will be important when it comes times to make the transition.

Good luck.

Guennael replied on Dec 08, 2018
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Agree with Leo. Keep your chin up, there will be other opportunities. Some data points:

1. Consultancies like to hire people who went to top-tier companies (Google & FB obviously, but large marketing or finance companies as well for example). All else being equal, I'd probably favor non-consulting but others may and do disagree

2. Working in a start up is also valued experience

3. Growth trajectory is critical, pretty much anywhere you worked

4. Easiest way to reapply is after an advanced / professional degree (MBA, JD, PhD, MD...) since companies will often come on campus and you will have access to school's resources. Here again though, university brand name is key

5. My understanding is you aren't blacklisted from nonconsulting positions, though you wouldn't be eligible for the partner track in that case

Good luck!

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