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How to schedule the interview training with Experts

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Recent activity on Apr 26, 2017
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Anonymous A asked on Apr 24, 2017

Hi All,

How is the usual proces for scheudling the interview with experts?
It seems that one has to pick a date and send the invitation, but I guess one has to negotiate the date. So how long one has to wait for the response? Is it ok to send the invitations to several experts and take the one which responds first?

Thanks for the answer


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Best answer
replied on Apr 25, 2017
MIT MBA | Bain & Co | Ex-Google | 4+ year coaching experience

Hi Anonymous,

I recommend that you send experts a message before clicking on "propose a meeting".That way you can negotiate the date as you say, and also better understand how we can help you. After that, the expert will probably send you the meeting invitation themselves.

Good luck and please let me know if you have any other doubts.

Best wishes,


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replied on Apr 26, 2017
x-BCG Dubai, x-Recruitment lead for BCG, Case Interview Expert (350+ interviews, 100% recommendation rate), Ops Manager @ Uber

Hey there,

I am an expert and I usually respond to mesages instantly (PrepLounge's mobile version FTW). Just find an expert you like, and shoot him a message detailing what you need. Most of us love what we do, so we are open to negotiating our fee as well. Feel free to give that a go as well.



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Ignacio gave the best answer


MIT MBA | Bain & Co | Ex-Google | 4+ year coaching experience
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